AIO: Landing Page – Coffee House

The 4 Steps for turning your favorite
Coffee House into Business Headquarters
(where shit actually gets done!).
The 4 stupid easy tricks you can do use when sitting at home isn’t working for you anymore.

DREAM: Coffee House Business Superstar

REALITY: distracted Facebook & caffeine addict

We’ve all seen the dream – a brilliant entrepreneur who globe trots and makes millions.  They take amazing selfies showcasing their ultra successful businesses and promise you can do it too.  So you grab your laptop, hit your favorite coffee house, and 3 hours later – you’re farther behind than when you started, you’re buzzing on your third cup of espresso, and your battery is dead.

No one mentioned that you can’t find a decent place to work outside of your home office.

Working out of home was supposed to be the dream life realized.

  • No Office
  • No Boss
  • No Pants
  • But now… people watching & shiny object syndrome is killing your business before it gets off the ground.

If you want to take over the world with your greatness, you’ve got to make a few simple tweaks that take you 120 Seconds.  Make your favorite coffee house work for you – get your people fix and your work done in half the time.  In 2 minutes, you could take the simplest tricks and double your productivity – guaranteed.


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Everyone tells you to commit and create huge goals, sell niche services/products, and BAM – become a billionaire. That would be great if those jerks told you HOW to become a billionaire. Instead you get infected with shiny object syndrome, hopping from one ‘miracle cure’ to the next. Screw that! I’m the Get Sh!t Done Business Coach and I don’t just spew the same random advice you can get from the internet, I *show* you how to not just start the next big-messy project, but finish the mountain of incomplete tasks you already have and actually see the results you’ve been promised all along. I walk you through how to get your systems in order, starting with these 4 painless tactics.
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