Finishers’ Club

Finishers’ Club

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Finish your biggest, hairiest, scariest,
task for your business in

Can you tell I’m SUPER excited about writing those $300 checks on September 1st?!

Don’t have the 7 minutes to witness my excitement and get the details?

You Get:

Why That Shit’s Important:

  • Individualized System
  • 1:1 Coaching
  • Group Accountability
  • Success on Speed
  • Daily Accountability
  • Success Kit
  • Cookie cutter doesn’t cut it, get shit done your way with your schedule.
  • Going it alone has got you flippin’ no where, fast – you’re done going it alone.
  • Being able to bounce your struggles, triumphs off others is PRICELESS.
  • This isn’t a 6 month, slow pace meander – it’s a marathon, with stellar results.
  • It’s easy to fall off the bandwagon and feel like a loser, not with daily check-ins.
  • THIS IS THE ROADMAP TO FINISHERS’ CLUB – it will be your Bible, Map, Lover & Enemy during this 4.5 weeks, but without it – you’re dead in the water.
"Shannon knows how to motivate and to clarify. She was able to cut through the B.S. and get down to what was really going on and bring to the top what mattered. I left my session with her with clear, definable goals and a way to get shit done. Her vibrant energy shines through and combined with her can-do strategies, you leave feeling like there’s nothing you can’t do!"

Dori RansomCoach & Founder of BeGREAT! Conference

So… how’d this all come about?

I was literally in the shower and this idea, that had percolating and growing for a while now, hit me like a friggin’ rampaging rhino and had me jumping out of the shower to find a pen and paper.  I saw it, blindingly clear – Finishers’ Club.

Basically, Finishers’ Club is a one month intensive, Get Shit Done, Kick In The ASS (with mega doses of love) for people feeling fake, lost, or hokey in their business.  My Finishers are going to take their biggest, hairiest, scariest business project (the one they’ve been avoiding, stalling out on, and most important) and finish it in ONE MONTH with a complete project breakdown, accountability, 1:1 coaching, group accountability, success kits (I’m so excited about these – they’re full of repeatable process and document their success, every single iota of success), and implementation systems to finish.  Finish in one month what’s been sitting there, unfinished, making them feel like total losers and fakes.

The part that excites me the most, is the jar of cherries on top at the end.

We’ll be hauling ass from August 1-31, 4.5 weeks.  They’ll have more support than they could throw a stick at, more energy and motivation from me than they probably want, and 9 other people who are trudging along beside them.  BUT, if they finish the agreed upon project by August 31st… I write them a check.  A check IN THE MAIL for $300.  They flippin’ earned it. I’m so excited to write the checks that it’s nauseating.

That’s 20% of their $1497 investment back, just for completing what they
NEEDED to get done anyways.

Who the hell else is going to pay you to finish something for your business?

No one, except me – I believe in this so much (no matter how cheesy and lame it sounds).

Stop fartin’ around.  If you’ve made it this far – you’re ready.  
Get your interview and I’ll see you in Finishers’ Club!

Questions & Concerns:

Slightly smart ass, but totally legit answers:

How is this different from other programs?

First, I’m running it and as you can see, I have enough energy, drive, and enthusiasm for the both of us.  Secondly, Finishers’ Club is super-concentrated Shannon Magic.  I can see the systems, plans, and direction.  If you’re still stuck… it’s time to try something new, THIS something new.  

I haven’t finished… anything… I’m not even … real… will this really help?

I will lead the way to Legit Entrepreneur.  It’s easy to get lost in all of the details of running a business and stack one unfinished project on top of another.  If you can’t even stomach telling anyone what you’re doing – you’re in the right place.  It’s totally normal to be able to see D, R, V, & Z.  I step in with A-Z and a legible map.  I don’t send you out blindly – I’m there every. step. of. the. way.  Let’s Get Legit!

I was the MODEL EMPLOYEE, now I can’t get a damn thing done…. will this really get me back on track!?!?!

The reason you were a model employee is because you had a killer work ethic, you were smarter than the average bear, can follow instructions, could use a system without hurting others, could hold a goal in mind, and had daily accountability. No WONDER starting your own business has been hell on wheels. You don’t have ANY of that support system in place. Finishers’ Club takes your smarts, drive, passion, and goals and provides the accountabilty, systems, and direction you so desperately want (even thought you thought you *had* to go it alone). Don’t go it alone anymore – take the invitation for an interview, get the support you deserve, and get back to kickin’ ass!

Can you pinky-promise me this will work?

I can promise to put in TONS of energy, love, and effort into this – but I can’t guarantee your results.  If I did, you should run away.  I can’t work harder at this than you do.  I will promise that I’ll give you every tool I have, create new ones for you, and give a loving, but firm kick in the pants when needed so you can Get Sh!t Done.  I will outfit you with everything I’ve got.  I know it’s possible to finish or I won’t invite you to Finishers’ Club.

I’ve thrown money at this problem before, what if it doesn’t work, can I get my money back?

NOPE.  I don’t know why those other approaches didn’t work.  I’d love to make wild promises and say what you want to hear (that’s one of the many reasons I got married <3 you Joe), but I wont do that for you.  BESIDES, you still haven't' gotten through the interview process hot shot (she said with love in her eyes).  I know that with your effort and my vision, we can take over the world, but I can't promise it to you on a silver platter.  No matter how much I want to.[/pbuilder_text]

What’s it costing me NOT to join Finishers’ Club?

That’s a very enlightened question! The biggest cost people pay for NOT finishing their business tasks, is not money, time, or vacations. It’s JOY. That’s a super cheesy answer, but it’s so true. Each time you wake up thinking about what you’ve put off or haven’t finished, it steals your joy and knocks you out of flow. Each time you find yourself fretting, joy is stolen. Each moment of doubt, giant deduction from your joy account. Eventually you’ve got to start putting JOY back in and the easiest way to do that is to finish the little pieces of your business. It’s like a brick for your empire. You need millions of them, but luckily, with enough practice you can lay bricks faster and faster, with more and more precision.

This didn’t answer ANY of my questions, WTF? How do I get the answers I crave?

Well Awesome-Saucette, you snag an interview spot and ask! You’re interviewing me, just as much as I’m interview you. Ask away Beautiful!