GSD: Intervention

 Get Shit Done Intervention:
launch edition

The only place you can show up, and figure out your launch -ish,
while maintaining your sanity.

Tired of going it alone
(and not getting anywhere)?

The problem has never been starting, it’s finishing.  Now, the perfect storm is raging and just about to make landfall.  Which is just *perfect* because, everyone seems to be ‘crushing it’ – leaving you in a heap of ‘WTF did I sign up for?!’ & ‘There goes another $2,000….”.

Stop threatening to quit your business and move into the woods to
avoid feeling like a fraud.

Stop trying to get that “Let’s be Accountabil-Buddies” group to work
(we started so strong, now I’m the only one showing up and it’s….not worth it anymore!)

Stop getting advice and feedback from the ‘barely know what they’re talking about masses’
milling about it that Facebook group.
(I mean, they try… but it’s time to take this shit to the next level)

What Do I Get In the
GSD Intervention?

Answers YOU Need

It can be hard to find quick AND accurate answers sorthing throught the endless course Facebook group.

Power of the Group

Surround yourself with an intimate group of cheerleadres with the same goal: launching – AKA: World Domination.

Individualized For You

No set sylabus, covering what you already know. You show up with your current struggles ready to be solved.

40 Hours of Coaching

We meet 3 times a week, with a 2 week break. 30 Zoom meetings that run from January 9 – March 31, 2017.

What separates the mega successful from the dreamers? Support that works. Period.

Love Notes For
GSD: Intervention

The Get Shit Done Intervention is amazing! I was totally lost on how to complete Sold Out Launch until I started working in this group. Not only do you get to worked with the talented Shannon Townsend, but you get to interact with other people who are also working on their launches and get their invaluable feedback. Shannon is terrific at getting you to bring out the best in you and helping you to complete your launch! As a busy mom I don’t have alot of time in my life, before I was working with this group, I felt like giving up on my launch as I felt it took me too long to find some of the answers I was looking for. With the help I received from Shannon and others in my group, I was able to make much faster progress than working on my own.  Don’t waste another minute sign up now!

Lisa Psychologist| The Anxiety Busters Course for Moms

I love that I have these times blocked out in my calendar and that the momentum I get during the calls makes me even more productive during the rest of the week.  I also just want to say, that I really appreciate how small this group is.  It’s one of the ‘not noisy’ yet valuable groups I’m in on Facebook, and I’m glad to be working with all of you.

Dara Digital Organization Superstar | Sync with Dara

Working away in my tropical paradise, all alone, it’s easy to get distracted (oh look, shiny object). Having a group that I could be accountable to, where I had to show up and get things done made me buckle down and put the proverbial nose to the grindstone. Connecting with brilliant solopreneurs, willing to share their knowledge and support one another – absolutely priceless! Shannon Townsend is a master at being a firm hand in a velvet glove, guiding you with humour and insight to believe in yourself and take your business to the next level. Highly recommended!!!

Larissa Wedding Planner Genius | The Lazy Bride

What’s the schedule?

Group Calls: show up with the stumbling blocks you’ve accumulated and bring your specific feedback requests.  Got a “how the heck to I say this without sounding like everyone else?!”, “what sort of ways can I create urgency in my offer that stays true to my brand?”, or “talk me off the cliff – what the heck do I do next?!” type question – I’ve got an answer.  This is your hour to get dedicated time with me and the collective genius of our group to get your questions answered.

Co-Working Calls: Dedicated Get Shit Done Time.  All you have to do is show up and work.  You’ll check in with me for your goal for the hour, I’ll check in at the top of the hour, and you’ll be consistently amazed at what you’re able to accomplish.  You can also use this time to work on that taks that keeps bubbling up questions – because I’ll be there, with you in real time to get you over the hump and back on track.

Mondays – Group Zoom Calls
5-6:00p EST

Tuesdays – Co-Working Zoom Calls
12-1:15p EST

Thursdays – Co-Working Zoom Calls
3-4:15p EST

(we’ll not do our normal calls during this time)
February 27 – March 10, 2017

What’s it cost?

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I really need this?

If you have to ask… probably. The goal is to get you crystal clear so every time you find yourself thinking, “What do I need to do next?” The answer is so obvious you feel silly. The answers you find in these sessions are that powerful.

Why this format?

My genius is figuring out what it is you need to do next in your business. I see plans very clearly and the power of the group and dedicated work time does wonders for your launch.

How is this different from other approaches?

First, I’m a Get Shit Done Coach – I’ve got a very specific and hyper focused approach. This isn’t a cookie-cutter response to your business. I’m going to walk you through whatever you’re struggling with so you can stay focused and keep getting shit done!

What if I don't can't make ALL the sessions - there are 30 for crying outloud!?

This is a come as you are program.  Simple, straight forward, no judgement.  I’m there everytime, you come as you can/need to – I will say this thought, the more you come, the better you get at staying in momentum and the better you’ll do.  Launching is a cummulative effort of all the little steps, so the more you show up (put it in your calendar NOW!!), the better the results.