What do you mutter to yourself most often?

What do I do next so I can make consistent money?  


  • I bought THE course that was supposed to make launching easy and fun… and it’s still ‘sitting in the box’ half put together.
  • I’ve gotta stop procrastinating.
  • How the hell are they supposed to turn my ideas into a mythical evergreen product, let alone a sales funnel that doesn’t look like monkeys put threw it together.
  • How am I supposed to know when to launch, when to send emails, let alone how to price things?
  • What’s wrong with me?!?!?!
  • Yup, this is what happens when frauds put offers out – crickets!

….sound familiar? You’re ready for 
Business Mastery.

You’ve got the choice, right now to make all of this go away.  And not by struggling, killing yourself, costly trial and error, ‘hoping it works’, or the hard way.  You could finally have someone over your shoulder, supporting you with their ability to see the big picture, the strategic approach, showing you a personalized, fool-proof implementation plan.

I learned to thrive by seeing how all the pieces fit together and then being thrilled (as evidenced by that picture there) by the process.  It’s because of this total geek out over systems and plans that I’m able to see things both in the BIG PICTURE, like you’re very own personal 10,000 ft viewfinder AND see how everything breaks down into manageable steps.

Swinging wildly between planning, implementing, seeing the big vision, and the strategic steps made me a good stage manager, a crappy cold-caller, a multi-tasking ASL Interpreter Ninja, and finally, a satisfied and enthusiastic Coach.  It wasn’t until all of my skills collided (quite by accident as most phenomenal and alluring parts of my life often do) that I really woke up and said, “oh, yeah – THIS I can do all day and love it.”

Landing that first long-term client, bumbling and failing at my first Masterclass (I knew better and still did NOTHING right!), and speaking on stage about the ‘obvious to me-not obvious to normal humans’ stuff is when I finally realized my calling wasn’t in teaching.  It was in facilitating the discoveries of others.  In showing other people how their dreams and visions can manifest into the world and make them consistent and predictable income.  Most importantly and selfishly, it’s easy when you’ve got the right support at the right time.

You could have Business Mastery the easy way in 6 months…

If you’re consistently wondering what the hell to do next and what’s going to finally get you making consistent & predeictable income – you need Business Mastery.

How it’s strucutred:

  • 6 full months of support
  • Content Calls and Office Hours – Mondays at 1p EST.
  • Group Co-Working Calls – Tuesday & Thursday 1-2:15p EST – dedicated time to work and make strategic progress.
  • An expert in accountability, strategic structure, & implementation to cheer you on as ‘life’ happens while building your business.

Why it works:

You’ll be able to have support through your natural work cycles, without the frantic deadline that most 6-8 week groups put you under (leaving you feeling like a failure 94.38% of the time).

You’ll also have 1:1 support to set up your first effective sales funnel & maintenance during the Content and Office Hour calls.

No more than 20 people in the program means you’ll ALWAYS get your question answered.

What you get: 

  • strategic framework to build your business.
  • a repeatable process to grow your business without burning out
  • strategies to grow smartly, not stressfully
  • customized sales funnel that works for your unique business
  • dedicated work time to get shit done
  • my expert ears & eyes in the room to help you get clear on what to do next so you crush your goals
  • space to freak out, permission to be human, knowing that you’re not alone
  • “solution time” – my thoughts on how to snap out of overthinking and get on track to building your business now
  • strategic systems so that all of your ideas and biz pieces work together, so that you have a solid foundation to grow your business

At the end of Business Mastery you’ll have: 

  • a personalized funnel (or two) that works for the way YOU want to run your business.
  • tools to do this work on your own, everytime you want to sell your products or services.
  • a strategic way to plan out your funnels, emails, and launch.

This is FOR YOU if: 

  • you have a rough idea of what you want to do – the thing that makes you happy – and you have some ideas and skill to get there (i.e. you want to make an impact and know what slice of the pie you most want to bite off)
  • you’re making some money, ie you have a proven service or product, even if it’s not consistent yet
  • you’re lighthearted, sarcastic, and playful
  • if you really thought about it, you accomplished 1000 things this week, even if it feels like you did nothing
  • you’re willing to go ALL IN – for yourself, your business, and those you serve
  • you’re able to pat yourself on the back and take a breather

This has worked for:

  • coaches – life, sales, biz
  • wedding and event planners
  • accupuncurists
  • marketing experts
  • parenting expert

This is not for you IF: 

  • you make consistent income in your business.
  • you’re looking for someone to do the work for you.
  • have a team that supports you (think lots of outsourced support).
  • you’re only looking to ‘feel busy’ and not make big growth.
  • you’re looking for someone to teach you how to ‘hustle.’

Stumped on why you keep steady at this income level, why all the work you’re doing isn’t paying off, AND you know you’re the reason behind it all…. Personal Mastery is the ticket.

How this is different:

  • 6 full months of support
  • 6, 50 minute 1:1 sessions
  • More than accountability – an expert in systems, big picture, & implementation strategies cheerleading you on.
  • Masterclasses on Delegation: that works, Boundary Setting: painless and effective, and Celebration: parties make bank.
  • Once monthly calls with the group to brag, strategize, and celebrate.

Why it works:

No more than 4 people in the Micro-Group – no wasting time with those not at your level.

No more losing your support system just as things start to take off.

1:1 support to discuss anything/everything you’re up against as you build your business into something that feels like you’re calling again.

This is not for you IF: 

  • you don’t make consistent income in your business.
  • you’re not interested in delegating some of your workload.
  • you won’t make the calls.
  • you’ve never sold anything before.
  • you don’t have a website, mail delivery, or product delivery system in place.
  • you’re going to be gone all summer and are used to ‘phoning it in’
  • you’re looking for someone to teach you how to ‘hustle.’
Love Notes

Shannon helped me get crystal clear on what I needed focus on.  Showing me exactly what I needed to add back into my life that not only inspires me (to more greatness) but re-energizes my to-do list.  Changing how I focus on being productive is possible in minutes – not weeks, and the impact is exponential.  I absolutely loved Shannon’s work and highly recommend her if you want to get more done with less stress.

Tandy |Success Coach & Normal Human

OMG people! I FINALLY found someone that works with my non-linear, organize in piles, right brain, intuitive self!!!  For all you Evernote-challenged, love Leonie Dawson, but still can’t user her dang planner people – would you please, please, PLEASE get yo’self over to Shannon Townsend’s trainings and her BRILLIANT and super-easy to use systems STAT! You’ll thank me and so will everyone you work with!

Karolyn |Alchemist & Rockstar World Changer

I felt like I was drowning in ideas!  I just didn’t know what to do first and how to best utilize my time and energy.  She gave me ways to bundle my existing content to create new offerings in a way that won’t take much time or energy, but can start to seriously grow my business!  I needed someone else to look at the situation and point out the potential opportunities that I was overlooking.

Delight | Psychic & Intuitive Teacher

4 payments of $499 (April, May, June, July).

Total Investment: $1996

1 Payment of $1749.

We start Monday, April 17th at 1p EST


How do I know if this is really for me &
what’s REALLY covered in 6 months?


The Business Mastery Checklist should make this decision really clear for you:

How comfortable are you working on your own to check off the things you can’t right now?

You can TOTALLY take the Checklist and use it as your roadmap and work away,
picking what you want to focus on each day.


You can work with me and strategically check off each of those pesky boxes one at a time, clearly seeing that once you’re got it sorted – predictable (& ultimately consistent) income is not only possible – but inevitable.

You’ve got to show up and do the work, but I’ll show up and help with the blinders, the strategy, and the answers.

You In?


4 payments of $499
(April, May, June, July)

1 Payment of $1749

We start Monday, April 17th at 1p EST