What does your business need from you
so that
inspiration can become reality?

Just because you run a business with a spiritual bent, doesn’t mean you need to have spotty income, and suffer the typical ‘barely making it’ existence.  

I watch more ‘spiritual’ entrepreneurs use their gifts and talents to waste time in their business than any other group around.  We KNOW there’s more out there.  We literally feel all the things.  We see it. We get overwhelmed.  We stumble.  We believe all the stories we’ve been told about what we have to do to save the planet.  We know that, ‘If I just clear all of my blocks, do more of ‘the work,’ and only work when I’m ‘totally aligned’ – problem solved!’  

 Except that this approach is sending us into a feedback loop that keeps us
overwhelmed, poor, and ultimately spiritually bypassing our own business.

It’s an easy pot-hole to fall into on the path to consistent and predictable income.  It’s the norm on our way to Business Mastery.  BUT, unlike the olden days – we’re trying to navigate it on our own.  Alone and frustrated.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve listened as someone tells me, “I had that idea – but I couldn’t [insert the reason they couldn’t take action] and then…. THEN, someone else made $30k on the idea.”

Missed opportunities.
Intuition, downloads, and ideas come so fast you can’t keep up.

Whether you run that spiritual business or go back to selling Avon – the problem will still remain.  You don’t have Business Mastery, so you’ll hit the same road blocks (dressed in interesting and varying costumes) over and over again.

Online entrepreneurs are consistently tackling all the things at once, which means that something IS falling through the cracks.  It happens, but we don’t always notice it in time.  We DO notice that it takes us FOREVER to sort the ‘tech stuff’.  We never seem to be able to see how all the pieces fit together.  We wanna pull our hair out and stop staying up until 2:17a trying to figure it all out.  Leading us into a dangerous trap.  The trap of collecting more and more evidence that there’s something wrong with US – not our strategery around business.

 So, what’s a gal to do?

That gal takes a strategic map and starts checking things off.  That way, she can fill in those gaping potholes in her business.  It’s once these holes are filled that we can truly capitalize on inspiration, divine guidance, the stuff that makes our soul sing.

We can finally master the 3-D, earth bound business stuff, so our higher self, our guides, our intuition can FINALLY show up and share what to do next.

We can do what’s next, because we’ve got our foundation laid, our comfort level up.
We’re ready.

Once we’re able to take on inspiration, that’s when we see the manifestations in the bank account. Big or small, it makes no difference. We can finally move on ot that bigger dream: the team, the travel, the cozy home feeling.

Now, it’s time to tackle Business Mastery.  It’ll be easy, promise.  The first step is always awareness.  So print this checklist and see where you’re at.  

There’s a good chance you’ll be able to check a bunch of things off.  Great!  It’s in looking at the gaps of your 4 areas (Boundaries, Systems, Website, Content) that you’ll finally start to see exactly what YOU need to do next.  Not some random course on Facebook Ads, or the latest retreat you gotta put on a credit card.  Nope.  What does your business need from you so that inspiration can become reality?

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I’m ready for the Business Mastery Checklist

I’m so excited you’re ready to tackle this in a strategic & passionate way.