Do you know what you need to do,
but can’t seem to do it –
desperately need to Get Shit Done?

When will you stop hoarding expensive courses and articles that promise to ‘take your business to the next level?’   Get tools you can use, today, in the video.


Specializing in systems that get your business on track.


  • Dragging your feet, terrified someone will catch on that you’re not making any forward momentum?
  • Tirelessly searching for a system to get it all done in the little time you have without killing yourself?
  • Afraid that someone might find out that this crazy new business venture has you drowning?



shockedEveryone tells you to commit and create huge goals, sell niche services/products, and BAM – become a billionaire.  That would be great if those jerks told you HOW to become a billionaire.


Instead you get infected with shiny object syndrome,

hopping from one ‘miracle cure’ to the next.

Screw that! I’m the Get Shit Done Business Coach and I don’t just spew the same random advice you can get from the internet, I show you how to not just start the next big-messy project, but finish the mountain of incomplete tasks and actually see the results you’ve been promised all along.

Never call yourself a Disorganized Pretender again.  I’ll take you from frazzled and swriling to relieved and feeling like the CEO you really are.

I felt like I was drowning in ideas! I have two businesses. And I had tons of ideas to grow both. But I just didn’t know what to do first and how to best utilize my time and energy.

She gave me ideas for ways to bundle my existing content to create new offerings in a way that won’t take much time or energy, but can start to seriously grow my business!

I knew that I had the ability to make some good income with my businesses in the next couple of months. But I felt confused and overwhelmed. I needed someone else to look at the situation from a new perspective and point out the potential business building opportunities that I was overlooking.

Delight Voss

Spiritual Medium|Total Badass

I had been stuck putting together a plan for WEEKS. I’ve been trying every exercise/worksheet/workbook/freebie/online course and NOTHING. But Shannon helped me put it together in less than half an hour!

If you’re stuck in your own head and can’t seem to get the ideas to flow into a plan you can actually take action on, Shannon can help you map out EXACTLY what you need to do.

Stacy Barnes

Coach|Creative Perfectionist

Shannon. Shannon! SHANNON!! I cannot say enough about how much I adore this woman. She does exactly what she says she’s going to. She guided me to get some serious shit done!

 Shannon is always being herself which makes me feel safe to be raw with her. She is able to listen to my needs, weed out the excuses, and lead me to action so that I can do exactly as she promises… get shit done.

I feel uplifted, almost invincible, after each conversation. With Shannon’s coaching, my business has evolved to places I hadn’t imagined before. I went from feeling lost to lucrative and I don’t regret a single moment. WINNING!

Jaime Boots

Coach|Queen of Decision Making

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