I use the phrase “positive books” to refer to a section in the library that starts with 158 (apparently that’s applied psychology according to Mr. Dewy).  They include things written by Joe Vitale, Bob Proctor, Rhonda Byrne, Dr. Wayne Dyer, etc.  The list is near endless and it’s less self-help and more – “be positive and get your poop in a group.”

I like this kind of reading material because it just makes sense to me.  What you think about, you bring about.  So, why not think about things that are good, positive, and worthy of your time and energy?!  Ah, because changing your inner dialogue takes constant monitoring, because that inner dialogue has probably gone on unchecked for decades…

Alright, so knowing this, I started working on meditation.  That … was not easy for me.  Still isn’t.  Clearing my mind is like trying to… I don’t know, get somewhere in a hurry.  The more you hurry, the slower you go.  It’s amazing what I catch myself thinking sometimes.  And not that I am a negative person, I don’t feel I am.  I simply say negative things as if they are fact. For instance, I catch myself saying “I’m not good at this/that” all the freakin’ time!!  And I say that out-loud to people who don’t know if I am or not and they accept it as if it is fact as well.  Most of the time, it’s not that I am bad at something, I’ve never even tried doing it.  Knowing that it will be challenging causes me to blurt out that I am bad at it. What a waste!!!  It creates a new kind of laziness that I have settled into quit nicely.

So, new challenge – think “I can.”

I’m going to try and do it all day.  I think one day will be easier than two days.  I have already made my bed, some coffee, gotten dressed – on a Sunday that’s pretty awesome – and started my laundry.  I already plan to clean my kitchen and do some prep cooking.  Maybe even write another blog post.

All because positive books have told me to think… better.  Not too shabby.