Have you tried making a vision board?  It’s harder than you’d think.  I made one in late 2012, while reading some great books about what visualization can do for your dreams.

I went to the library and grabbed a couple of magazines from the free/swap bins and came home ready to cut and glue my way to success.  First, magazines are full of junk.  Lots of advertisements that only sport logos and lots of text.  Don’t these people know I am trying to create my dreams here?!  Second, glue sticks dry out… quickly.  Third, it’s hard to put your dreams into a visual format when you’re not super clear on what they are.

Nevertheless, I created something.  I proudly displayed it next to my desk.  I was well on my way to greatness!!

Well, vision boards don’t really work if you only make them.  It didn’t help that I put it on my magnet board and almost immediately covered it up with other bits and pieces.  Now, if that’s not my subconscious speaking, I’m not sure what is.  I was unclear on what I really wanted and I couldn’t even place that fuzzy dream ahead of to-do lists.

Over a year later, I am talking with my good friend Teresa Powers and she shares that she was planning to do a vision board workshop.  “They don’t work unless you do the self analysis first.  Vision boards aren’t just pictures and glue sticks.”

Needless to say, I jumped at the chance to take her workshop.  That workshop was…. AMAZING.  We did self analysis, guided visualizations, identified strengths and weaknesses, created action steps, and brought some awareness to mental blocks.  Only after doing all of that, did we start looking into creating a visual representation of the dream we were trying to clarify.

We also discussed why vision boards aren’t magic.  They do not go out and do the work for you.  They do not grow legs and kick you in the behind when you’re not going after what you want.  Vision boards are a great tool.  But, that’s the key, they are only a tool.  Tools require an operator.

They also require energy, effort, and meditation.  I put a great deal of energy into mine and I look at it everyday.  I put away my old vision board, cleared the clutter from where my vision board was supposed to go, and even got it framed.  Now, nothing sits in front of it and it makes me smile every time I see it.  However, I have yet to really start meditating and visualizing with it.  That might just have to change today.

Here she is in all her glory.  What does yours look like?

Vision Board - 2014