In an effort to live a more wholehearted life and manifest more love and maybe some Brene Brown friendshipI am taking an online eCourse she is facilitating, based on her book “The Gifts of Imperfection.”

The course is 6 weeks long and has 3 live Q&A’s.  I’ve yet to catch one live, but the last Q&A is what I watched today.  It hit me really hard and opened me up!  I have very few regrets/grudges in my life.  But, the ones I do have are pretty major and create some hectic self talk.

“For forgiveness to happen, something must die.” & “What had to die was the expectation that this person wouldn’t hurt me.”
– Brene Brown

Holy WOW!!

had to, had to pause the video, grab my art journal and use those pages I accidentally skipped (there are no real mistakes, are there?!) to make what is pictured below.

Simply realizing that I was grieving my expectation of failure in the relationship really made me INSTANTLY move beyond the biggest hurtles I was holding onto.

I really want to make this whole entry bolditalicizedunderlined, and HUGE font – it hit me that hard!

Then, I posted the page to Twitter (@FacilitatGrowth).  I knew I had to because the thought of sharing and not sharing it made my stomach roll in fear.  So, I did and it got FAVORITED!! I’ve never had a re-tweet or favorite at this time, so having 2 within an hour of posting this picture really gave me a boost.

Any-who, hopefully, this illuminates and speaks to you a fraction of the way it did to me!