This is such an interesting question to me because it means to me the feeling of security.  That overwhelming sense of ‘ok’ to me.  How do I find that feeling of safe…

That feeling of safe starts in the top of my stomach and it radiates out.  It reaches into my limbs and finally into my face.  My body/muscles relax and I feel heavier and lighter all at the same time.  My jaw is the last place in my body to relax.  I know that I am in a good place when I can feel my jaw relax.  That’s usually followed promptly by a yawn (one of the ways the body releases pent up energy).

If I’m not paying attention a funny thing happens.  I start the process of feeling safe -but the feeling never fully manifests in me.  I feel relaxed, but not completely.  There’s a current of unease that doesn’t go away and I’m not even aware of it, but I find myself thinking about all the problems of my world – family troubles, a friend’s love life, etc.  My mind gets away from me and I don’t fully realize it until I feel  my body tense up.  Then, I have to start all over again.

I know this is a common experience.  So, as I begin the process of self-awareness I catch this last drop of safety (a relaxed jaw) being held out of reach and then I decide – let it happen. I let it drop, my jaw relaxes, I yawn – I am safe.

I used to find this safety only at home.  Now, the more I practice finding a safe feeling, I can do it in other places.  Now, I can find that safety in the car after a long day, stressful experience, or when I’m hot because the inside of my car is a jillion degrees and there’s frozen food in my trunk.  I can find it while I’m working if the subject matter is getting at my subconscious. It’s a practice – feel safe.

Where do you feel safe? What does that feel like?

Where do you feel safe?