I’ve been thinking a lot about abundance lately.  Just recently I realized that I already have an abundant lifestyle.  But, I hadn’t realized it.  Or rather, I only realize it in blips of consciousness.

I kept thinking to myself “I need to do more money affirmations – I attract money in ways I never imagined.”

Funny thing is, I’ve already done that!  I never imagined that I would be doing workshops and making money doing that in my 20’s.  I DO THAT! I put on phenomenal workshops and now I’ve launched a 2 day EVENT!  An event that’s going to cost me $10,000!  That’s a crazy number, but it has never scared me.  I’ve collected under $1,000 for this event, but nothing about that bothers me.

I’ve already had the vision of being ‘SOLD OUT,’  seeing people walk into the room – excited to be a part of this great event!  This event will be a wonderful success.  I know it, in a way that goes beyond a feeling at the pit of my stomach.  I no longer feel it actively, it’s as if it’s already happened.

It is a reality.  I have an abundant lifestyle.  WORKING to find that reality causes me to disassociate from the reality.  By creating ‘abundance mantras’ I was actually feeling the lack of.  So, I was projecting lack.  Just being aware of what I’m projecting – that lack – allows me to let it go and really ‘get it.’  I’ve found this abundance in one area of my life.  The clarity here is, that the abundance isn’t only in one area – it’s my life’s trajectory.

The lesson for me here – live the reality and stop working to find it, it already exists.

What’s your reality, what are you projecting – are they in alignment?

Live It