It took me two years to finally get everything set for the launch of my first major training event.

It had taken me around a year and a half just to get the presenters I wanted to sign a contract and then to start the collaboration process.  I started with such gusto that it was a little hard for those around me to not strangle me as I set about crafting an event that would help propel my profession in an even better direction.  I was an excited and gung-ho nuisance to everyone I knew – whether they were involved in my profession or not.

The last 6 months have been an adventure to say the least, full of excitement, ups & downs, and challenges I couldn’t even know that I would face!  I’ve learned so much about time management and deadlines that’s its almost shocking.  I’ve learned even more about making assumptions about other people’s work styles.  A talented leader in my professional community said to me (as she took office of my state chapter) “I don’t believe in personality conflicts, they are communication and work style conflicts.”  Dora is an accomplished leader and I look forward to more and more nuggets of wisdom.

This struck me in a very powerful way.  You see, at this point I had started to stumble a little.  Tripping on things I didn’t even know existed.  Facing challenges I couldn’t have known I would confront in such a new and exciting endeavor.

I’ve also done a lot to become be a better leader.  I’ve read books, man!  I was under the false impression that I wouldn’t/couldn’t be stumbling on these kinds of road blocks.  I should be rocking it out and everyone should be impressed. I already knew how reframing something can change your perspective, but taking a look at the challenges I was/am facing putting together this event, I was feeling a bit lost.  I was taking everything personally and just got stuck in a slow moving downward spiral of frustration and anger.

What can you reframe into a communication or work style conflict?

Communication & Work Style