Ever lose anything?  It’s really frustrating – especially if it happens to be hiding in plain sight!

Sometimes though, that’s not the case.  Recently my husband lost his wallet.  Like, completely gone.  We were able to map out the last few days before he realized it was gone.  And apparently it had been missing for a few days and we didn’t know.

We searched the car, clothes hamper, the basement, tore the couch apart, cleaned nooks and crannies.  Nothing.

That’s about when the panic hits.

We check online bank statements – no unusual charges – nothing pending.  HUGE sigh of relief.  So, even if it’s been stolen, they didn’t take the time to use their new found winnings.  Scored $20 in cash.  But, that means they would have left the cell phone – way more valuable than a 15 year old wallet and one credit card.

That probably means that it got left somewhere.  The one restaurant he had visited in the last week is closed on our day of discovery and we were leaving to go out of state the next day.  He checked with work, nothing – scoured that parking lot – nadda.

The only real option is to get his license replaced the next day and freeze his accounts.  But, we’re leaving to go out of town for a week.  We had a late flight, he has enough time to go get his license replaced.  BUT, he can’t find his birth certificate.  Without the birth certificate, it’s a little more complicated to prove who you are by government standards.

It’s like the perfect storm.
If the storm is full of bad luck and really crappy timing.

We got it all worked out (a great story for a later time), but that’s no way to spend a weekend, let alone your first real vacation in 3 years.

So, my question is this – how have you prepared for when something unfortunate hits?  Can you easily access important documents – passport, social security card, immigration documents, credit cards, emergency cash, title to your car, the phone number to your local insurance agent?  What if you were in an accident, would someone know when your mortgage/rent are due?   How about a way into your house to feed your cat?

Not to be a fear monger, but we bought a fire box after this little escapade and keep copies of important documents in it.  So, even if something happens – our parents know the combination and could get to all of our accounts and necessary documents if need be.

My husband’s response to this – “I should invent a wallet with GPS tracking in it…”

Important Docs