The first memory I have of getting in trouble includes books.  I’m probably 3.5/ 4 and I’ve managed to walk off and loose one of my Dad’s tools.  Since I lost it, I was required to find it.  So I looked…. and looked…. and looked… for eons.  Part of the punishment was losing my books.  I was devastated.  After eons of searching, that tool never showed up, and I eventually got my books back.  This whole thing probably only lasted 2-3 days, but it felt like an eternity.

When I got them back, I remember not just feeling happy and excited, but peaceful/relieved again – that’s a pretty strong emotion for a 4 year old.  I slept with all my books that night and it’s been a torrid love affair ever since.

My husband’s first gift to me (long before we ever dated) were 3 books I read as a tween and wanted to own.  I adore and am envious of the library Belle has in Beauty and the Beast.  I can’t pass up a book section at a thrift store -I must hunt down childhood favorites.  I think that’s pretty typical of most avid book lovers.

How has your love of books manifested in your adult life?

I go on streaks where all I read are Self Improvement & Research books, then I can’t get enough of the new vampire/werewolf/supernatural/teen romance series.  Lately all the books I’m reading focus around leadership.  I can’t get enough – it’s so fascinating to turn the light from inside analysis to outward examination of groups.    Learning to lead, I’ve realized, is more about learning to follow and be of service.  I come to this realization (like most of my other major life lessons) repeatedly.  Each time a bit deeper with a little more light and clarity.

This love of books and of learning to be of service is invaluable to me as an adult.  It drives me to do bigger, better things.  It’s also driving me to be more observant.  It’s these skills that I’ve picked up in real life and honed with the help of amazing literature that are creating the life I’m living.  I love the life I’m living and appreciate the nuance and drive that books have given me.

I stumbled across this quote by Haruki Murakami and it sums up how I have moved from a childhood love of different worlds, to a hunger for development as an adult.

What new and world changing book are you reading?

Copy of Haruki Murakami