Are you tired of feeling like you can’t get anything done because just looking at your workspace makes you feel …. done, just done and ready to give up before you even start?!

You’ve heard it a thousand and one times – “cluttered mess = cluttered mind.” Some people say they prefer clutter – “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?” – Albert Einstein.

I am of the opinion that I like clutter, but as soon as I clean up a little bit – more things get accomplished.  Really.  PLUS, my husband hates clutter, so when I go on a domestic cleaning spree – he’s a very happy camper.  I know, however, that I won’t maintain the beautiful dust and clutter free space for long.  So, what’s a girl to do?

Small steps are key.  No really, small steps are key.

So this is my challenge to you – don’t try and keep the house spotless – start with your desk.  Even if that means at the beginning of the day you take most things off your desk and create a pile out of sight, do that.  Start somewhere.  You can always wait until the end of the week and go through the piles – you’ll probably discover you don’t need or didn’t need most of that junk anyways.  Then, if you do, after a couple of weeks you’ll start naturally organizing and prioritizing your spaces.  Putting things in manageable places so that a natural flow develops.

The next key is maintenance. 

We all expect that our new habit of non-clutter will stick after the first day.  It won’t – we all know that deep down inside.  So, instead of beating yourself up, expect that habit to take 30 days. Set a reminder so that you start each day by cleaning up your workspace.  Better yet, END each day with a clean workspace.  Then, you can hit the ground running when you sit down to work.  Keep at it, even a half-assed attempt is better than no attempt at all.

Proof is best kept visual.

Take before and after pictures.  Take real and honest pictures – if you have stack of cereal bowls, post it notes stuck to every surface, and a months’ worth of old mail, take a picture and capture it all.  Then, go through and straighten up – don’t take hours.  If you’re easily lost down these kind of time consuming bunny trails, set a timer.  Then, schedule time at the end of the week to go through the piles.  Giving yourself time limits and time apart from the clutter will help you more easily decide what’s trash and what’s treasure.  Don’t forget to show off your before and after pics, they make for powerful reminders and can inspire those on your social media circles.

Remember to keep with it.

No one is expecting you to do a complete change overnight, and neither should you!  You have to keep with it.  And I get that it’s not always easy.  I’ve always joked that I’d die if I had to remember to take a pill everyday (scarily close to the truth).  Which means I put EVERYTHING on my calendar and have it pop up a reminder – on my computer and on my phone.  This way, I don’t miss the important things (like freelance jobs and doctor’s appointments), but I also don’t forget the little things (pull something out of the freezer for dinner or do laundry) that keep my home in order.

Here’s my before and after (on a very ‘clean’ day).  What does yours look like?

Before and After - Powerful Motivation

This is from my 3 Part, Free – Clarity vs Clutter program.  You can download all 3 parts in one easy PDF or follow along in October, doing a new activity each week.