I learned to thrive by seeing how all the pieces fit together and then being thrilled (as evidenced by that picture there) by the process.  It’s because of this total geek out over systems and plans that I’m able to see things both in the BIG PICTURE, like you’re very own personal 10,000 ft viewfinder AND see how everything breaks down into manageable steps.

Swinging wildly between planning, implementing, seeing the big vision, and the strategic steps made me a good stage manager, a crappy cold-caller, a multi-tasking ASL Interpreter Ninja, and finally, a satisfied and enthusiastic Coach.  It wasn’t until all of my skills collided (quite by accident as most phenomenal and alluring parts of my life often do) that I really woke up and said, “oh, yeah – THIS I can do all day and love it.”

Landing that first long-term client, bumbling and failing at my first Masterclass (I knew better and still did NOTHING right!), and speaking on stage about the ‘obvious to me-not obvious to normal humans’ stuff is when I finally realized my calling wasn’t in teaching.  It was in facilitating the discoveries of others.  In showing other people how their dreams and visions can manifest into the world and make them consistent and predictable income.  Most importantly and selfishly, it’s easy when you’ve got the right support at the right time.

Giving Back Pledge

For all programs/products sold:

 – FANTASTIC organization that is bringing drinkable water to all corners of the earth.  Clean drinking water is a basic human right and with access, the ripple effect is immeasurable!

– Small, 0% interest loans to budding entreprenures with a 99% repayment rate – crazy cool