As your Get Shit Done Business Coach I help you with priorities.  Clear priorities (and the system you create to achieve those priorities) is the ONLY reason anything of value gets done in your business.  You know this is true because it’s your passion projects that get done first and are what drive business to you, with little to no effort – because you’ve made them a priority.

I define a priority as – The top one or two things you do each day.  It may not be what you spend the most time on, but it’s what drives your business and is non-negotiable – progress is made each day, even if it’s only 5 minutes.

We spend a lot of time using ‘false productivity’ as a measure of our success, even though our balance sheets don’t reflect all of that ‘hard work we’ve put in.’  Which means, we need to shift our focus and start prioritizing the right things.

Instead of spending hours perfecting this or that widget on your website – consider a crystal clear brand as your new NUMBER ONE top priority.

All the great business gurus scream at you to have a crystal clear brand and for good reason: It’s better to have 10 raving, die hard, buy everything you create fans who shout your name from the rooftops, than 100 disinterested, one-time purchasers.  You snag these new die-hard fans because your brand is so clear, that it speaks directly to them.

I insist you watch this video about how brand power and focusing on the newest generation of purchasers values their dollar and the brands they purchase.

It’s well worth the time and underpins what we’ve all been saying for ages = Create a brand that speaks clearly and customers will find you!

Which planet are you going plant your brand on – Traditional or Neo?

I’m planting my flag on Planet Neo – Here’s to a crystal clear brand that show’s who I am, my values, and my desire to change the world by creating connection and value.

Mucho love guys,