One of my favorite productivity geniuses is Brendon Burchard – he’s brilliant.

He’s running this as an ad, but I kept listening because I know he’s right!!  We’re an over distracted and lost generation.

We’re addicted to distraction.

The only way we’re going to actually accomplish anything is to learn to say “No.” and focus on our priorities.

My calming music stopped, his well timed ad popped up, I listened, and realized immediately I was doing the cardinal sin of multi-tasking.  He was literally telling me not to and I was working on my business!!!!  I know better – it’s my job to know better and I STILL get sucked into this old bad habit.  Check out what he has to say.  It’s under 12 minutes and honestly worth the time.

If you’re still struggling with what to focus on in your business, I highly suggest you seek help in figuring it out.  If you’re ready to take a massive step forward in your business – look at what one hour can accomplish with yours-truly.

How’d you like Brendon?  Let me know below!