If Gary Vaynerchuck is old hat to you, then you’ll either LOVE this video or you’ll run away – hopefully you stay.  IF he’s new to you like he was for me, YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS VIDEO.

It’s 16 minutes full of swearing and genius.  I freakin’ loved it!!  Gary is all about nerding out over his research and proving, over and over agian, that human connection is what drives business.  We’re all too savvy to fall for the same old shit we used to.  Humans/clients/customers/young/old/new want connection and authenticity.  If you can showcase your authentic story properly on the right platforms – clients will be killing themselves to work with you and refer you.

“Shannon, you’re all about productivity – what’s with the focus lately on other people’s work and general business advice?!?!”  Honestly, your priorities and success in business come from SO MANY things.  You’ve got to know what the hell you’re doing so you fan focus properly or you’ll never be as successful as you deserve to be.

I’m all about setting clear priorities and getting shit done.  To Get Sh!t Done – you’ve got to know where to put your attention and for how long.  Videos like this are the wake-up calls we need to make sure we’re focusing on the right things in the first place.  Doing what everyone else is doing and following the pack may feel safe, but it’s not safe, and you know it.

So, pay attention, re-assess, and keep kickin’ ass!

Post your takeaways below!

Lots of love, support, and warm Spring days,