I adore presents.  Even when I know they’re coming, even when I buy them for myself, even if it’s not actually a present…. I adore presents.

Which means the last 2 weeks have been AMAZING and fun for me – because I’ve gotten lots of presents.

Present #1 – New Logo

Shannon Townsend Logo JPEGI feel like this represents me, my Get Sh!t Done attitude, and warm gooey, overly excitable center.

Present # 2 – Scrapbooking Supplies

If you’ve been watching Instagram, or got last week’s email – you know how much I adore letting my creative side fly.  You also know that I take my breaks very seriously, so when this box of goodies showed up – I was THRILLED.
THIS IS A MASSIVE BOXI knew it was coming, I’d been gifted a ton of ‘extra’ supplies from Joe’s Aunt Lynda who used to own a scrapbook store in San Diego, but when it came in this massive box – packed to the gills – I could barely contain my excitement.  SO MANY SHINNIES!!!

Present #3 – Expect A Check

When we installed solar panels in January, we knew we’d get a couple dollars a month from the extra panels.  This month, we made $27!!  That’s crazy!

Why’s this important?

As entrepreneurs, we’re so wrapped up in the daily grind of our business that we often overlook the small presents and gifts in our lives.  It’s the recognition of little presents that keep burn out at bay, re-stoke the fires, and make us smile between sales funnels, client calls, and keeping the house from burning down.

I urge you to recognize the little things in life
– even when you know they’re coming –
and celebrate them.

Plus… when was the last time you got anything cool in the mail?!  It’s just plain fun!