Business Pyramid – 90 Minute Session


How do you take all of those ideas you have, nagging at you, and weave them into a business that grows, while allowing space for new and innovative ideas, a team that makes the dream work, and a fulfilling experience?

The answer is simple: a structure to house all of your ideas, a path forward, and the confidence to put your plan into action.

The Business Pyramid Session allows you to spend 90 minutes with a strategist who can take your mishmash of ideas and concerns, create a coherent plan for all of those ideas, and an implementation strategy you can actually use — at the pace you set. By finding your Magic Thread through all of your ideas AND establishing what to do next with your personalized implementation plan, you’ll finally get the forward progress on your ideas you’ve been craving.

All in 90 minutes, so you can start working on your dream, immediately.

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