Subliminal Focus Track


Instant Focus & Productivity in a 68 Minute MP3



Guaranteed Instant Focus
– subliminal audio track that keeps your butt glued to the chair –
providing instant & measurable productivity.

No more hoping you don’t waste another day.  You’ll get your work done without…

struggling to stay on task OR
praying your kids leave you alone long enough to get through your to-do list OR
wasting precious time finding the right ‘mood music’ to inspire you

Instead, use this audio track and instantly get your work done.

Instant Focus & Productivity in a 68 Minute MP3

Easy & Subliminal take your over used will power muscle out of the equation and hit PLAY Hyper Focus & Natural Sounds without someone nagging in your ear or synthesized instruments Boost Creativity & Call in Abundance this track also reminds you to stay creative and let it flow it’s like a magical boost, without the need for meditation Works Better The More You Use It you read that right, the more often this plays, the faster, easier, and more effective it becomes

Instructions for Use and Disclaimer

Instructions for Use: This energetically-encoded subliminal recording with nature sounds induces a relaxed and focused state of being. It will assist you to start and finish tasks and projects, develop a success mindset, open up your creativity, and attract wealth and abundance.

You may listen to this subliminal track at normal volume or with the sound turned down and playing in the background. The recording is energetically-encoded so that you only experience what your system is ready and willing to process and integrate each time you use it. Best results occur with repeated use over time.

Also, please note that whatever benefit you receive from using this subliminal recording is directed by you. You are always in charge of your own healing and manifestation, and it is my desire that this process enhances what you wish to create in your life.

Disclaimer: Please do not listen to it while driving or operating heavy machinery.

Also, in the unlikely event that you experience any unusual physical or mental discomfort, immediately discontinue use.

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