Terms & Conditions

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This is the disclaimer: I cannot and will not guarantee your success.  If I did, you should run away because it would mean I’m running a scam.  It’s all about the effort and energy you put in – which I cannot control – I wish I could.  Therefore, by using anything related to ShannonTownsendCoaching/Facilitated Coaching, LLC (STC/FC, LLC)  website and/or affiliated pages or when purchasing programs and services from STC/FC, LLC you do not hold STC/FC, LLC liable in any way for your success or failure and release STC/FC, LLC from any liability, perceived or otherwise.  These programs and services are for educational purposes only and no guarantees are made in regards to the clients’ financial, emotional, spiritual, health, or any other areas of life development.  Even with all of that, I will work my tail off with you to achieve your goals of personal growth.

Website Terms & Conditions

No content may be copied and used without proper identification from the original source (this website) and/or permission from the creator of the content – Shannon Townsend.

Privacy Policy

Any information shared on this site will NEVER be sold to a third party.  The information gathered is strictly for STC/FC, LLC – this is serious stuff.

By visiting this site, you have agreed to abide by the disclaimer, website terms and conditions, privacy policy, and any other policies – found in this Terms & Conditions area – stated within a contract for programs and services.

Refunds, Cancellations, and Rescheduling

There are no refunds for programs or services purchased through ShannonTownsendCoaching/Facilitated Coaching, LLC.

Cancellations/No Shows without notice may not be rescheduled or refunded.

Rescheduling may only be done with 24+ hours prior to appointment start time. If you find yourself in a position where something comes up, please reach out and ask about moving your appointment. It then becomes my decision whether or not to allow the change in appointment time.

There are certain programs that are a use it or lose it, which is clearly stated on the website under the specific program or service.  If no limitations are present: the standard statute of limitations applies, you have 3 months from date of purchase to use the sessions or programs purchased.  The use it or lose it terms are part of the contractual obligation and your responsibility to know.

Terms of Use for Online Programs & Products

By purchasing the product outlined in the Agreement, you also agree to NEVER resell, repackage, redistribute, or rework and sell, give away, or market as your own or on the behalf of ShannonTownsendCoaching/Facilitated Coaching, LLC in any way shape or form.

This is non-negotiable and if violated will null and void any previous, current, or future contractual obligations of ShannonTownsendCoaching/Facilitated Coaching, LLC. By agreeing, you also consent to any and all legal actions taken by ShannonTownsendCoaching/Facilitated Coaching, LLC must undertake to reestablish content that was taken and manipulated in any way.

Thanks for agreeing not to steal my stuff – I appreciate it.
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